Monday , May 10 2021

I hope everyone likes Salah "wonderful." I would not like to comment on the accusation of "external signal"

Javier Aguirre, the Mexican national coach of Egypt, refused to comment on his accusation of traveling to Tunisia.

Egypt beat Tunisia 3-2 in the fifth round of the Africa Nations 2019 Nations Cup in Gabon.

"I do not want to comment on my accusation of sending an external signal after the second objective," Agiri said at the press conference after the meeting.

"We have won three goals against two goals, and for 30 years I have been training, I have been facing positions like this and every time I do not see them."

"We started the game well, but we got a goal and we talked with the players and told them they had to concentrate only and we would win, and between the two parties I'll deal with the errors and that's what happened," said Agiri.

"We participated four new players on the team and in the next period we will play better and we hope to see more than Mohammed Salah in the next period."

The Mexican coach went on "Salah is a great player and I hope everyone has the same way and performance."

"It is difficult to find friendly matches in the next period, as the next international agenda in March makes things more difficult," said Agiri of the next period.

"In March, we would face Niger in the classifiers for the nations of Africa and I chose another friendly game, after we did not do it with our rivals."

"We played four games, three goals and scored 15 goals, which shows the strength of Egypt."

"It's easy to play defensive but I do not like it, and finally, Mohammed Al-Shennawi is the main guardian of Egypt and I am very confident in him, and the other trio also has confidence in his abilities."

Egypt is the second in group 10 behind Tunisia with 12 points each.

Egypt prepares to participate in the 2019 African Nations Cup in Gabon.

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