Saturday , April 17 2021

Immigration is in contact with the Saudi embassy to return the body of the pharmaceutical victim of the murder

Ambassador Nabila Makram, State Minister for Migration and Egyptian Affairs, continued this morning with our embassy in Riyadh to follow the unhappy incident of the assassination of an Egyptian pharmacist last night in the Jazan region, especially the rapid transfer of the body of the deceased.

The Immigration Minister has confirmed that the embassy and consulate are following the legal situation and speeding up the procedures of the prosecution even during the days of termination.

Numerous symbols of the community in Saudi Arabia have continued to convey their condolences to the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Egyptian youth. He confirmed that he was working for a company that owned a large group of pharmacies called Al Nahdi and that the company immediately transferred to a hospital and informed the police. A Saudi lawyer defended the right of the dead and completely denied the idea of ​​saying that the murderer was "mentally unstable" and stressed that he was not mentioned in the case record.

They confirmed that the accused had been arrested, tried criminally and executed in a prison and would be counted in accordance with the law without discrimination.

Ambassador Nabila Makram, State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs abroad, said last night that an Egyptian pharmacist died in the southern region of Jazan and said he continued with the pharmacist's captain to follow the incident.

The Minister of State for Foreign and Egyptian Affairs abroad said that he immediately contacted his family in Cairo and offered condolences to him and indicated that the family of the deceased asked for the return of the organism as soon as possible.

The Minister of State for Migratory and Egyptian Affairs abroad, she had promised the family of the deceased, quickly return the body to communicate with the Egyptian consulate before following the incident and finalizing all the procedures for returning the body.

An Egyptian ham died in the Jazan region of Saudi Arabia on Thursday night.

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