Monday , March 1 2021

Important Notice from the Emirates Stock and Commodities Authority

ABU DHABI – The United States Stock and Market Authority (SAE) has warned investors who do not treat Diamond, the broker for quoted goods contracts in foreign markets.

The Authority said in a statement on its website that the company does not have any license from the Air Safety State Agency to carry out any of the activities subject to the regulation and license of the Authority.

And said that he is not responsible for the dealings with companies mentioned in matters related to the operations of markets and capital goods and activities subject to the regulation and licenses of the Air Safety State Agency in general.

ABU DHABI: United States Securities and Markets Authority (SEC) warned investors against the treatment of Nitro Trade for stock and commodities trading.

The Authority said in a statement that the company does not have the license of the Authority to carry out any of the financial activities subject to its control.

The TRA warned the investors of the agreement At the end of last October With Nitro Trade Trading Company.

Last August, the U.S. Values ​​and Merchandise Authority warned investors not to deal with share capital analysts.

The Authority said that there are many people who dedicate themselves to financial activities and services to investors through social networks without the approval or approval of the Commission.

The Commission asked non-licensed analysts to request the professional license necessary to carry out the financial analysis activity and to advance the necessary courses to obtain the license.

The executive chair of the board, Obeid Zaabi, said that the Authority issued many warnings regarding some of the financial consultations through social networks.

He indicated that stock analysts are trying to direct investors to certain populations and publish analyzes to meet their interests, which is why the Commission has prevented many of them from carrying out analyzes in the interests of investors and markets.


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