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Italian film "Memorias" in the cinema of Zawya in the presence of its director

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Italian film "Memorias" in the cinema of Zeina in the presence of the director (photos) of the website in the morning, on Friday, November 16, 2018.

The movie "Memories" of the Italian director Valerio Mibelli was shown in the cinema of the XI European panorama, which will last until November 17.

The director, Valerio Mibelli, said that the idea of ​​the film came to him during a repetition in one of the films he saw at a festival. He wrote a note and did not expect it to be complete, but the producer was convinced and began to work on it later.

He said he was interested in presenting the film in a traditional way and pointed out that the appointment of the hero of the film was not intended from the beginning, but he kept it until the story became public and expressed his happiness for the good reactions received from the public in different countries ,.

The film, a joint production between Italy and France, 2018, winner of the Public Selection BNL Prize (Giornati Dégli Uttori) and a special mention of FIDIC at the Venice International Film Festival 2018 and presented outside the official competition at the Busan International Film Festival 2018 , and was featured in the feature film contest at the El Gouna International Film Festival 2018.

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