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Kim Kardashian and other celebrities have changed to other unexpected races

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian revealed that he started a four year professional background with a law firm in the United States, hoping to become a lawyer in 2022.

The TV star of reality says that he made the decision to practice the law in 2018.

Last year, Cardchian met US President Donald Trump and successfully campaigned for the release of Alice Marie Johnson, 63, from prison.

His experience at the White House inspired her to make the decision.

Kim Kardashian is not the first celebrity, who has changed his profession or has worked basically in a career where his audience knows nothing.

The late US president, Ronald Reagan

At the beginning of his career in the 1930s, Reagan was a sports speaker at several local radio stations, and then performed in Hollywood in 1937 and starred in several important works.

Reagan became a political, democratic and then republican scientist, and was elected governor of California in 1966 and 1975.

Reagan attempted a candidate for president of the Republican Party, twice in 1968 and 1976, and failed, but he later won the post of president for two terms, from 1981 to 1989.

American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger started his career as a bodybuilder and emerged in the sixties and won the master of the 20-year universe and Schwarzenegger remained a prominent character in bodybuilding for a long time after retiring.

Schwarzenegger became an actor, and his star emerged as a symbol of the Hollywood motion pictures, and his most prominent films were Conan the Barbarian in 1982.

Schwarzenegger married the nephew of the late US president John F. Kennedy, who later split in 2011.

The famous actor became a politician, where he belonged to the Republican Party and was elected governor of California between 2003 and 2011.

The African player George Waya

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Go liberate the Senate in 2014.

A football player from the state of Liberia, emerged in 1995 when he was named the best soccer player in the world, the best player in Europe and the best player in Africa. He is considered by many to be the best player he has had.

George Waya became a political scientist and was presidential candidate in 2005 and went on to dodge with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but lost far.

He later lost the 2011 election, which was in charge of the deputy Winston Tubman. But he returned strong to politics, winning a post in the Senate of Liberia in 2014.

In December of 2017, Waya gained the presidential elections, becoming the first African soccer player in assuming the position.

The late Egyptian actor Ahmed Mazhar

The appearance of his career began as an infantry officer in the Egyptian army after graduating from the military academy in the late 1930s. He enrolled in the Arab equestrian school and participated in the Arab States' war with Israel in 1948.

The appearance of the film has left a rich inheritance of the films, especially the movie "My Heart Reaction", which speaks of the revolution that took place in Egypt in 1952.

Imran Khan

Pakistan Amran Khan was a cricket player and his fame began playing international cricket in the seventies.

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Khan received his education at the University of Oxford.

And it took to its country to gain the cricket of the Glass of the World in 1992.

Imran Khan entered the world of charitable work, opened the first cancer hospital in Pakistan and founded the Pakistan-based Ansaf Movement in 1996.

In July 2018, the party led by Khan won the majority in the parliamentary elections, and Khan became prime minister of Pakistan.

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