Tuesday , May 18 2021

Know your body. What happens when a person gets cough?

Although coughing can be problematic and destructive to everyday life, it acts as one of the body's defense mechanisms, usually accompanied by coughs and colds.

By inhaling alien particles such as dust or pollen may irritate or impair the respiratory system, coughing is a way to clean the airway from substances that can cause problems..

And coughing according to the site "robitussin"It's a reaction that triggers several sensors, nerves and muscles to work together.

How about cough?

Special sensory proteins called receptors were found on the surface of some of the cells that had the upper respiratory tract. These receptors are located in the back of the throat, the trachea and the upper bronchi, up to the lungs.

When these receptors are stimulated, they send a signal to sensory nerve fibers, such as those found in the vaginal nerve and then transmit the information of sensory fibers to the brain for its interpretation.

The part of the brain that monitors the area of ​​the throat and the upper part of the air is called a "center of cough." When the center of the cough receives a signal that the coating of the respiratory tract is irritating, the muscles of the throat and the chest receive signs of action that stimulate the mechanism of cough.

First: the inhalation of the amount of air.

Second: The opening is closed to the trachea (the tongue of the spine) with constriction of chest and air pressure within the lungs.

Third: the language of the psalm is opened that allows you to quickly expel through the mouth.

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