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Kuwait today has a full pension for those who have turned 30 and women 25

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Full board for those who have turned 30 years and women 25 of the Kuwaiti news website, on Friday, November 16, 2018.

Saturday 11/16/2018

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Private sources told Al-Anbaa that parliamentary and governmental consensus about the abolition of article 4 of the early retirement law, which the government is obligated to make compulsory retirement, requires that the employee receive a full pension instead of salary

The sources explained that the legislator also guaranteed in article 32, paragraph 3, of the Civil Services Law and in section III of article 17 of the system of public services that the employee assigned to retirement was entitled to a retirement pension instead of the salary in That the employee ordered his life.

The added sources: in consequence, the legislator is obliged to include in the early retirement law a provision that obliges the government to provide the pensioner in full to the 30-year-old man and to the 25-year-old women without age restrictions, in In case of abolition of article IV of the law of early retirement, the government to the city council, and give it the hand in the mandatory transfer of retirement during some of the most complete of these years without binding to that age.

On August 28, Al-Anbaa reported that employees were referred to full-time pensions. Also on September 11, Al-Anbaa reported that it was difficult to impose a 1% deduction.

In the case of government approval according to available information, early retirement law will open the door for those wishing to withdraw early, up to a maximum of 5 years before the end of the service years specified for the full pension, with a deduction no higher than 5%. .

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