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Mahmoud Hamida "angry" despite her honor in Morocco and why

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Mahmoud Hamida "angry" despite his honor in Morocco and the reason for the dawning situation, on Friday, November 16, 2018.

After the great artist Mahmoud Hemida attended the celebration of the Cinematec in Paris, which was celebrated by the great international director Youssef Chahine, for the tenth anniversary of the game of "Joe", Hamida returned to Morocco to honor him at the Rabat International Film Festival, .

At a meeting between the great artist Mahmoud Hamida and the media and director Omar Zahran at a hotel in the Kingdom of Morocco, Hamida spoke with "Zahran" about the secret of his anger for neglecting the artistic institutions in Egypt to honor the world of Youssef Chahine, as well as friends of art.

"When you know your cinemas in Paris, you will celebrate an Egyptian director for a full year, a 12-month year that will continue to celebrate the screening of his films, seminars to discuss topics and concepts and research that will be discussed during the year on Youssef Chahine. Because we are busy with nothing and what happens in the Egyptian media is a natural result of the state of education. "

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