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Meditation helps treat disorder by post-traumatic stress

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A man meditating alone

A man meditating alone

A recent medical study has shown that meditation is useful for treating post-traumatic stress disorder and may be more useful than currently approved treatments.
The symptoms of PTSD appear to people who have been exposed to harsh conditions, such as a close relative or the threat of death, serious injury or violation.
These symptoms manifest themselves in a frequent tyranny of memories and painful nightmares and avoid any place or circumstance that takes into account what has happened to the injured. Symptoms are also severe allergies and depression.
These symptoms appear, for example, in people injured in the attacks or attacks.
One of the treatments currently adopted is to gradually reveal the accident to the site, images, sensations, sounds and smells that remind you of its shock, so that the body adapts and does not react with an intense reaction.

But this method is so painful that it leads between 30 and 45% of patients to stop treatment.

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However, researchers at three universities in the United States tested a new method of meditation and experienced 203 soldiers with PTSD.
These soldiers, men and women, were divided into three groups, one meditating, the other subject to exposure therapy, and the third who received theoretical classes in PTSD.
The researchers, who published their discoveries on The Lancet Psykiatri, found that 60 percent of the soldiers who meditated 20 minutes a day improved their condition and continued the tests to the end.
Meditation focuses on thinking about something or an idea and this causes the brain to enter into a state of stillness.
"You can practice meditation alone, at any time and anywhere, without needing specialized equipment or help from anyone," said Sanford Nedisch, study supervisor.

Source: AFP

Meditation helps treat disorder by post-traumatic stress

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