Wednesday , May 12 2021

News 24 17 months after its launch. 10,000 million gasoline and 11,000 million in support of electricity within the "citizen count"

Image The total support provided to citizens under the citizen billing program amounted to 10,000 million rivers in support of gasoline and 11,000 million rivers in support of "electricity" since the beginning of the program about 17 months ago.

The official announcement of the Sultan al-Qahtani program said that the increase announced by the Ministry of Energy in its steps to review the price of gasoline and linked to the world price was filled in advance and disbursed before requesting the beneficiary to meet eligibility and eligibility, afterwards of the program in the last quarter of 2018.

Al-Qahtani underlined that the program aims to increase the efficiency of government support and reorient government benefits to its eligible groups in a way that encourages rational consumption to protect Saudi families from the direct and indirect impacts that are expected from various reforms economic Support directly

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