Saturday , April 17 2021

On his birthday … What is the dream of "Sayed Rajab" achieved?

Born on November 16, 1950, Mr. Rajab Al Dahabi gave his first role in the movie "Little Dreams" and later participated in many later works, becoming one of the most important actors in Egypt in the last period.

Artist Sayed Ragab wrote during his career a movie, "Al Shawq" by Khaled Al Hajar, starring Ruby and his sister Koki, Mohammad Ramadan and Ahmed Azmi. Sayed Rajab said about the movie in his special program "This movie is the dream of my life and achievement, and started with a small story inspired by Real life, and that very much encouraged me to turn it into a script and prepared the script after I sent him to director Khalid Al-Hajar asked me to implement it as a movie.

The movie "Al Shouq" is played by a poor family in the city of Alexandria, and after Mother Fatima, whose role is played by singer Sawsan Badr, is known for her son's need for a weekly kidney wash that needs 300 pounds and the family You do not have enough money to travel to Cairo. And after collecting enough money to find out the son's death, he decides to protect his daughters "Shawk" and "emotions" from poverty and return to Cairo continue to plead that they enjoy more money to drive them away from the warm and corrupt.

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