Friday , May 14 2021

Opening of new branches of the Al Beek restaurant at the Bahrain airport

Ibrahim al-Raqimi

The Al Bake Food Systems Company CEO, Rami Abu Ghazaleh, announced the opening of the Al Beek chain of restaurants at the Bahrain International Airport after the opening of the new building in 2019.

"The opening of the first subsidiary of the Al Beek restaurant outside of Saudi Arabia will be the new Bahrain airport, confirming the success of the airport to attract investors." The first branch of the restaurant at an international airport will be at the next Bahrain airport.

"Bahrain is the best country to attract investors and the Bahrain International Airport Association encouraged Al Beek to invest and open its first subsidiary in the Kingdom," said Abu Ghazaleh.

"Our entry into Bahrain will not only be limited to the airport and we will work on a strategic plan that begins after the opening of the Bahrain airport," he said.

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Origin: Bahrain

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