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Runny nose in the morning .. Does allam show?

The German Society of Allergy and Asthma said that the nose or blockage in the morning indicates the incidence of allergies to domestic mites.

Other symptoms include domestic mites, red eyes and increased tear discharge, coughing, difficulty breathing and wheezing during breathing.

The association said that dust mites are delicate insects that are not visible at first glance. These insects live in bed (mattresses, mattresses, pillows), rugs and tea dolls.

To combat these insects, carpets and rags must be washed in the automatic washing machine at 60 ° C for one hour or placed in the freezer at a temperature of less than 18 for several hours.

The house must be cleaned regularly, an automatic vacuum cleaner with a special anti-mite filter, and the mattress regularly exposed to the sun, changed after a few years, as well as abandoned animals.

If these measures do not help alleviate the problem, immunotherapy may be used. The patient is injected with allergens so that the immune system gets used, so it can better fight allergies.

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