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Saudi Arabia Today / The Governor of Al-Tawal launches the flu vaccination campaign

The governor of Tawal launches the flu vaccination campaign

Al-Tawal 08 Rabea Al Awal 1440 corresponding to November 16, 2018 SPA
Governor of Tawal, Rizah bin Hobeish al-Dosari, inaugurated the national campaign of government for the immunization against the seasonal flu in 2018.
Al-Dosari appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of Health in the national preventive campaigns and the efforts of the General Hospital of Tawal to carry out campaigns and national initiatives related to the health of citizens and residents, highlighting the importance of preventative campaigns to prevent epidemics and transmission among people, especially with climate change.
Meanwhile, Tawal General's Head of Infection Control, Mohammad Medkhali, said that the main objective of this campaign is to cover a high percentage of the target in Tawal's governorship and its villages affiliated with the seasonal flu vaccine for year 2018.
The campaign is aimed at elderly people and children from 6 months to 5 years old, pregnant women, people with genetic or acquired immunodeficiency and chronic diseases such as stress, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, respiratory diseases, blood diseases and doctors

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