Saturday , October 23 2021

See: Adjust Kaaba factory "false" in Mecca


Mecca – harmony – blocking Osaimi:

The Municipality of Santa Capital, represented by the City Council of Otaibiya, in collaboration with the Administrative Control Division, has invaded a sewing factory within a residential building. Senior people's rooms in the Al-Otaibiya neighborhood were created by expat work. This contrasts with the sewing of the Koranic verses in embroidery. A man, a woman and children were given administrative control to take regular steps.

The mayor of the municipality of Al Otaibi, Dr. Waleed Malibari, said that this achievement came in collaboration with the security authorities. The sewing factory was closed and 18 sewing machines were confiscated.

In addition to 5 embroidery machines, 3 machines, 6 sewing machines, 10 rolls of white fabric, 30 weights of heavy Kaaba fabric. Each bullet is estimated at 30 meters, 80 pieces of fabric with coranic inscriptions, 200 rolls of cane, 300 colored threads, 2 large tables plus 5 sizes of different women.

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