Friday , May 14 2021

Technological actions fall into the "American", "Asian" and "European" regions of the Red Zone

European stocks fell after a volatile session yesterday, closing in the red zone, as investors expected to see if British Prime Minister Teresa Mai was confronted with a trusted move on the draft EU outgoing agreement.
According to Reuters, the European index Stoxx 600 closed 0.12 percent and the British FTSE 100 fell 0.3 percent.
The actions of EE. UU. They closed sharply on Wall Street yesterday, weighed down by low falls in technology shares after a disappointing view of Nvidia and Applied Matriles for the chips industry.
The Dow Jones industrial average (.DJI) dropped 46.92 points, or 0.19 percent, to 25.242.35. The Wider Index of Standard & Poor's 500 <.SPX> It fell 11.66 points, or 0.43 percent, to 2.718.54.
The Nasdaq Composite Index (.IXIC) dropped 70.61 points, or 0.97 percent, to 7188.42.
As for Asia, the Japanese Nikkei fell yesterday due to a fall in the stock of semiconductors after the NVIDIA chip maker disappointed the market with worse than expected earnings, while Nintendo also fell sharply.
The Nintendo gaming giant, which uses Infected Tegra processors, fell by 9.1 percent, its biggest daily decline since July 2016.
Nintendo was the largest number negotiated by volume and closed at 31,860 points, the lowest since May 2017.
The Nikkei benchmark closed 0.6 percent at 2,1680.34 points. The index fell 2.6 percent this week.
TOPIX's wider index dropped 0.6 percent at 1,629.30 points.
The losers were from 1442 to 607 shares.
In Pakistan, the index of the Stock Exchange of Karachi, the largest stock market in Pakistan closed yesterday, 0.56 percent or 232 points and closed at 41.660 points.
A total of 10,755,957 shares were traded in 347 transactions. The stock market capitalization of 169 companies rose, 156 companies decreased and 22 companies settled.
The general price index of shares traded on the Jordan Stock Exchange rose 0.24% to close the week in 1965.6 points.
The average daily trading volume on the Jordan Stock Exchange last week reached 5.2 million JD, compared to 5.3 million JD for the previous week, a 2.8% drop. The total weekly trading volume was 25.9 million JD compared to JD 26.7 million for the previous week. The number of shares negotiated by the change over the last week amounted to 26.9 million shares carried out through 13367 agreements.
In Egypt, profits made by the Egyptian stock exchange during the week of last week, about 2,800 million pounds, reached the capitalization of shares of companies worth 779,600 million pounds.
The performance of the main and secondary market indices decreased collectively, with the EGX30 Index falling by 0.37 percent to 13682 points, the EijiX70 index dropped from 1.11 percent to 695 points and the EGX100 index fell 1.27 percent One hundred to reach the level of 1738 points.
The weekly report of the Egyptian Stock Exchange highlighted that the increase in commercial values ​​reached 8.6 trillion pounds through the circulation of 1,277 million papers in 127 thousand transactions.
Egyptian investors accounted for 62.33 percent of total market operations, while non-Arab foreign investors accounted for 18.85 percent and Arabs 18.81 percent after excluding agreements.
Non-Arab foreign investors recorded net purchases of 1,053 million EGPs and Arab investments recorded net sales of EGP 436.56 million after excluding agreements.
The entities accounted for 55.88% of the stock exchanges. The rest of the transactions were for individuals in 44,12%. The entities recorded net purchases of EGP 441.40 million after excluding transactions.
The report concluded that the total value of the bonds amounted to 1,878 million pounds, and that the total volume of interest exceeded 1,854 million bonds.

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