Wednesday , October 20 2021

The anniversary of Rabeh Saqr … the stations featured in the life of the Gulf musician


Saudi Rabah Saqr celebrates its 58th anniversary on Tuesday.

In the following lines,Dawn of art"The most outstanding seasons in the career of the artist Gulf Music.

1- Rabah Saqr was born on November 6, 1960.

2. In 1982 he released his first album, "The Night Breeze", which included 6 songs in classical Arabic.

3 – praised the best artists, including Talal Maddah and Mohammed Abdo on his second album, which was named "Sabreen" and included 4 songs.

4- A successful duet in the mid-80s with Hattan poet, through the album "Anna, Lil and the Moon."

5- The first singer of the Gulf to sing in the Iraqi dialect on the song "Shouf Ish Sui".

6. The song "Sri Lil" was the first work to be filmed and displayed on television.

7. The opera "Yadar", in which 22 artists participated, after the Gulf crisis.

8 – The number of sessions developed in the album titled "Samra 1", and after the success of the release of "Samra 2" and then "Samra 3".

8- Introduced a song in the first Egyptian dialect "I reject you" and the second "My heart was your love".

9. In the mid-nineties he supervised several art albums, including Abadi al-Jawhar, Abdul Karim Abdulqader and Rabab.

10 – He stopped singing for five years after the album "Rabeh 96", but continued with the compositions and musical supervision of many artists in the Gulf and in the Arab world.

It returned to sing in 2002, with the launching of the album "Rabah 2002", that included 13 songs and, after the success of the album, Mohamed Abada called the title to him "Gulf Song Musician".

12. In the middle of the last decade, he was the first artist to present a single song and video clip on CD, entitled "Carrying You."

13- It was named by the Organizing Committee of the Festival of Heritage and Culture (Janadriya) with the installation of the Operetta "Al-Janadriya 22" under the title "The Land of Love and Peace", which included 8 paintings.

14. In 2011, he reinterpreted the song "Khalik Here" by Algerian artist Warda Al Oud.

15. Last June, he sang and composed the song "Ya Saudí", the official song of the Saudi team, which participated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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