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The apartments have become factories … How did the police of Dammam?

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The Secretariat of the Eastern Region, in collaboration with the Labor Office in Dammam, the subsidiary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the region, and the branch of the Ministry of Commerce in the region, and with the support of the Eastern Region Police, recently took apartments operated by Expatriate workers in a different way manufacturing womens supplies making one of the apartments in abayas. As part of the campaign "a homeland without violating".

The Undersecretary of Services, Eng. Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al-Mulhim said that the control teams of the General Markets Administration in the Secretariat of the Eastern Region, in collaboration with the Labor Office of Dammam and the Ministry of Commerce of the region, Dammam, operated by migrant workers in a different way, transforming them into women sewing factories and women's supplies and maintaining mobile and electronic phones, in a different way, pointing out that the control process falls within the campaign "a homeland without violating"

And in the framework of the continuous coordination of the campaigns "homeland without dissent" between the Secretariat and the government agencies involved in the campaign.

Al-Mulhim indicated that there was information about the use of the site for a different activity. The site was immediately monitored to ensure that the information was correct and was invaded during the work of field equipment at night. The site was closed and the owner was notified to review the municipality to take legal action against him. The field teams that participated in the campaign monitored many municipal violations, residence and work during the campaign.

Al-Mulhim revealed that several similar field campaigns were carried out, which included the Dallah industry in West Dammam, the market district in the center of Dammam and the Khalidiya district of the Al-Mina road to the east of Dammam, indicating that the The number of visits reached 110 visits, 59 sewing machines, warning and rape of 30 food and commercial establishments, and the apprehension of 80 workers in residential buildings, indicating that they were handed over to security authorities and the legal procedures against offenders would be applied.

He stressed that the Secretariat is anxious to participate and raise the level of coordination with government agencies, through the participation in the campaign "homeland without violators" in the application of the guidelines of its Excellence the secretary of the eastern province Fahd bin Mohammed Al-Jubair, praising the role of the security agents involved and the cooperation of all the government agencies involved, fulfilled during previous campaigns.

He underlined the continuation of field campaigns to control offenders and correct the situation of offending establishments. He also urged citizens and residents to communicate with the Secretariat to report any irregularity or claim through the phone number of the 940 Center or through all its interaction platforms.

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