Friday , May 14 2021

The counseling service agreement for the Saudi Atomic Energy Project on "Worley Parsons"

King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy has established an agreement to provide the services of the Project Management Office of the National Atomic Energy Project in Saudi Arabia to Worley Parsons.
According to the company "Reuters", under the agreement of the PMO, the company will provide consulting services for the project.
Worley Parsons is a global provider of professional services for resource, oil and energy sectors, project management, engineering design and complex operations industries, among the 50 largest design and project management companies in the world.
Worley Parsons worked in Saudi Arabia for more than 50 years and last year won an Aramco contract for engineering and design of offshore pipelines and installations for Coral field expansions.
The Kingdom established the city of King Abdullah for atomic and renewable energy as the main one for the atomic and renewable energy sector and the engine of scientific research and innovation in this strategic industry, since the city aims to invest and take advantage of the energies and capacities to achieve the desired goals.
Through the Vision of 2030, the Kingdom intends to be a world leader in atomic and renewable energy, making the management of the King Abdullah city for Atomic and Renewable Energy one of the main responsibilities of the latest technology in the sector.
According to the city earlier, the acquisition of technologies and systems of energy and renewable energy has become a necessity to preserve traditional sources and strengthen the role of the Kingdom as the most important source of energy in the world. A wide variety of industries and what this means to ensure the future of future generations. Investing in sustainable energy sources generates great job opportunities for Saudi youth in a vital and emerging sector.
The natural, scientific and technical capacities of the Kingdom make nuclear and renewable energies important opportunities that must be exploited and moved to a wider scope to improve energy security and sustainability, improve efficiency and make it more environmentally friendly, while maintaining the highest standards of security and benefiting from the most important international experiences in this field.

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