Monday , May 10 2021

The last moments of the life of the dead pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia

A friend of Egyptian pharmacist Ahmed Taha, who was killed by a Saudi in Jazan, Saudi Arabia, revealed the complete details of the crime and the last moments in the life of the victim.

For his fear of being harassed in the kingdom, Vito said the incident began when a young Saudi man entered the pharmacy where the victim worked in Jazan a day before the incident and demanded that he return. Some drugs and diapers, and when the victim asked him to buy the invoice to return the sales to the pharmacy, the offender told him that there was no bill with him, and Ahmed refused to answer his request, which irritated the guilty and insulted him in bad words and then exchanged the two punches, to believe that it's over.

"On the night of the same night, her mother and father in Egypt called her mother in her daily routine to check for them, and told her mother about the incident, and they advised her about the feeling of separation from the mother's liver, not getting involved in trouble and was not hidden.

The abuser expected by Ahmed's mother took place the following day, so the friend of the victim completed his statements, noting that the offender attended the following day carrying a knife and entered the pharmacy and started "Ahmed" 7 stabbed in different places of his body, including the chest and the man and the neck, In a desperate attempt on the part of friends of the Egyptian pharmacist, they took him to Amis de Jizan hospital and he did not have a heart consultant. They summon a doctor from another hospital hoping to help the victim.

He continued: "During the arrival of a heart consultant came the connection of a child by a prince, he returned to his place of work, did not meet the relief of the Egyptian pharmacist."

Regarding the last moments of the life of the victim, his friend said he was bleeding for two hours and that his heart was revived 5 times with an electric shock device in an impossible attempt after a series of blood bags was transferred to him. , So that his soul flooded the Creator.

An Egyptian pharmacist in Saudi Arabia was killed yesterday by a young man from a private pharmacy in Jazan.

According to the Saudi newspaper Al-Sabd, sources said that after the apothecary was stabbed, he was transferred to a nearby hospital, but he died before arriving at the hospital.

He added that security patrols in Jizan represented by secret security arrested the author, a Saudi national 20 minutes after the incident.

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