Tuesday , May 18 2021

The launch of the dated media with the participation of more than 100 experts and interested parties

Citizen – Riyadh

The media communication center of the Ministry of Information today launched the DATATHON Media Analysis Center, attended by more than 100 professionals at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Riyadh.

The objective of the event is to develop a local, regional and international newsletter through specialists and stakeholders in the field, either data engineers, analysts or developers, to find digital solutions that will serve the communications sector.

At the beginning of the event, the director of digital solutions of the Government Communication Center, Majed Al Thaqafi, presented a summary of the functions and functions of the Center, its work with the government agencies and their willingness to be a leader in the development of their technology and Support of talents and professionals in the field of the great media.

Al-Thaqafi emphasized that this event is a first step in developing the system for dealing with the great media data and organizing events related to the media related to the talent and talent of the country.

The founder of the Saudi Data Group, Ali Al-Abdul Wahab, spoke about the vision, mission and objectives of the group in strengthening the role of data to achieve digital transformation in accordance with the Kingdom's 2030 vision. Raise awareness of the importance of Data and their role in raising work efficiency and improving performance, Facilitating communication between them and stimulating work in the analysis of open data and dissemination of the results obtained.

Al-Abdul Wahhab noted that the greatest challenge in the community of data specialists in analysts, engineers, scientists, developers and programmers lies in the way of overcoming the challenge of analyzing large data, providing solutions that serve the public and private sectors, Communications sector, Officials and decision makers to make their decisions.

He explained that the opportunity is already available to share knowledge, skills and experiences among themselves, learning new things among participants, the important and effective role of data specialists and contributing to the development of society and achieving the vision of the Kingdom 2030, adding that today There is no loser, In the construction of a vibrant and productive society.

The guide, the orientation and those interested in the institutional innovation, Osama Jan, addressed the characteristics of the efficiency and excellence of the people involved, indicating that there are more than 250 candidates to register in the event and 75 participants were selected after their classification according to Skills and experience and competencies to graduate high quality, Significantly the quality of choice is not the number.

The aim of the participants' selection is to build the experiences of people, increase their knowledge and identify the existing capacities and abilities to enrich the community with these possibilities. "Competition is an important challenge and participants have 24 hours to complete the challenges, A waiting time represents the best of the participants, they work under pressure and within a team.

Next, the general director of Quant Data Analysis, a specialist in acting science and financial mathematics, Ahmed Boukhamsin, presented an overview of the technical aspects of the challenge and explained the results. Presented the GDELT project, which is interested in collecting, organizing and displaying global event data as open data in the Google cloud. A sample of data to explain the content and method of classification of events and some examples of statistical reports used for the same data, as well as to ask questions and explain what is required of the competitors.

Fahd Al-Saawi, a specialist in statistics and analysis of data and data, presented a session on best practices in representation and presentation of data. He has reviewed several traditional and modern models and the correct way to understand them to achieve the best results in the construction of information.

He explained that the difficulty consists in making the story from the data to help the decision-maker take the correct action, indicating that the story can only be made after understanding the data, citing the New York Times and other newspapers that publish information where The stories span 40 years through the nose, which summarizes the events of long histories, and also reviewed during the session several examples of recent data models.

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