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The Romans pay 150,000 euros for injured Liverpool fans

The Romans pay 150,000 euros for injured Liverpool fans

Cox was attacked by fans of the Italian team last April

Friday – 8 months of the first spring 1440 H – November 16, 2018

Liverpool players join forces with Shawn Cox (AFP)

Rome: Middle East Online

ROMA (Reuters) – Rome announced it will pay 150,000 euros to the Shawn Cox family in Liverpool, which was attacked by supporters of the Italian club in April during the Champions League semifinal.
"What happened to Sean Cox should not be passed to anyone who attended a soccer game," said Jim Balota, referring to the 53-year-old Irishman who was attacked by Roma supporters on the way to the Stadium, in a statement. Anfield. Liverpool, who suffered severe injuries in the skull, prevented him from talking or sitting alone.
Martina, Sean's wife, replied: "We greatly appreciate the gift of Rome, especially the great help that is being offered during the years that Sean is preparing to spend."
Two-thirds of Rome's financial aid and a third will be donated by Balota, with "other fund-raising initiatives that will help cover spending for years," according to the Italian club.


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