Saturday , April 17 2021

The satisfaction of Al-Ahli after Ghali's departure from "Ball Director"

A great state of relief dominated the players of the first football team of the club Al Ahly, after the departure of Hossam Ghali, former team leader and current coordinator of the football sector, to take on the position of director of soccer team no next period

Ahli's Board of Directors, chaired by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, held an important and urgent meeting this Thursday, during which several decisions were made regarding the football sector. The most important was the cancellation of the Ball Committee and the incorporation of Haitham Orabi to the club's recruitment committee. On saturday

A source within the Ahli pellet team at "Eurosport Arabia", that there was a great hope that gamers named Ghali as a manager of the ball, after the news that was broadcast in the media during the last period.

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The source added that Ahli players had no desire to name Ghali as the ball's director, especially since most of them entered into many crises with him when he was a player before the team, before announcing his retirement at the end of last season.

The source explained: "Ahli players thank Gali as a former colleague and captain of Ahli who has done what he is, and most of them are associated to personal relationships outside the green rectangle, but were not invited to take on the role of director of the ball because of its excessive nervousness and that would cause many problems between him and the players. And the technical personnel. "

Ghali's departure from the photo in the soccer director's post, following the approach of Mahmoud al-Khatib, club president and Chief of Staff of the Board of Directors to oversee the ball archive, the stability of the escalation of Adel Abdul Rahman, Youth coach, to take over the coaching staff general position, Mohamed Yousif is appointed soccer director, instead of his current position as a general coach and acting as the ball's director.

The board meeting of Ahli on Thursday witnessed a strange behavior of Hossam Ghali, who was angry after meeting with Mahmoud al-Khatib during the meeting held before the board meeting. Khaled Murtaji, a member of the Red Council, tried to calm down and control his anger, Ghali expressed a strong opposition to Khatib's decision to include Haitham Orabi in the club recruitment committee, especially because Ghali did not have a good relationship with Orabi as it was a player on the team and Orabi is the contract director. He is currently the director of the recruitment commission.

The source said that Ghali and his advancements preferred to resign from Khatib, as opposed to the inclusion of the Haitham Orabi Hiring Committee, which will not be studied only at the Council session tomorrow, but also contributes to creating a crisis between Ghali and Khatib and To move away Captain more than the position of director. The ball

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Ghali has a long record of crises with Al Ahli players since he was a player of the team, which was the latest crisis with Ahmed Fathi, right to the right, during one of the balls that they shared among them in Maran, where he came to the shock of hands between them in front of the players, which led to the intervention of the device Technical time to separate them.

Ghali, who had been stripped of his leadership badge after being expelled during a league game, pulled out the badge and gave him a great deal of money.

The player, also known as "Captain", also defeated his colleague Hussein Al-Sayed with a ballpoint pen in the Mukhtar Al-Tash dressing room, for lack of commitment to the instructions, along with his crisis with prominent Wael Gomaa, the former team's director , where Juma opposed the violent directions of the players What led to a crisis among them was the most prominent reason for the departure of rock from his post.

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