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The seventh day is urgent: go out normally and treat ear obstruction in 5 simple ways

The sensation of itching in the ear can cause a disturbing sensation for the person, because the ear canal is very sensitive to any foreign object.

Despite the small size of the ear, it is rapidly affected by dust or infection and anyone of any age may have itchy problems in the ear, but you should be careful to use anything that causes scratching in the ear because it can damage the internal membrane , as well as the small bone that helps Hearing.

Frequent scratching in the ear can produce a "Very quiet"To redness around the ear opening with pain, if you suffer from recurring itching in the ear canal, you should examine it because it can cause inflammation in the ear and irritation and pain.

Some of the possible causes of ear canal irritation include:

Dry inside the ear.

Cumulation of wax.



Eczema or psoriasis.

Some natural remedies

1. Ear cleanup

Regular cleaning of your ears is the best way to avoid problems in your ears. Regular cleansing will not only keep your ears clean, it will also prevent any type of wax deposition in the ears. You must use a headset to clean your ears to prevent the accumulation of wax. Feeling of itching in the ear canal.

Clean your ear
Clean your ear

2- Garlic oil

Garlic oil contains antimicrobial agents and kills all possible bacteria and fungi within the ears. All you have to do is heat a little oil of garlic and drop a few drops in your ear.

Garlic oil
Garlic oil

3 – White vinegar

If you suffer from a lack of hearing, you can use white vinegar, where it is mixed with water in equal amounts and placed on the ear every day for 3 days, only two points at the same time to control itching in the ears.

4 – use of steam and gargle

Itching can be treated with hot steam and gargle, where steam can be used once a day to reduce itching, preferably using gargle before sleeping with warm water and a tablespoon of salt.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil

5. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an aromatic oil with antimicrobial properties and, therefore, can protect you from all types of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The tea tree oil is heated and some drops are placed in the ear. Hold your head tilted for a while and eliminate excess oil. After a few minutes, clean your ear properly. Some drops of olive oil can be mixed to get more effective results.

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