Saturday , April 17 2021

Video … What made the committee of arbitrators to change the rule of the game Egypt and Tunisia?

Wajih Ahmed, a member of the football federation's committee of arbitrators, said he accepted with the committee of arbitrators of the African Union, CAF, that Algerian referee Mustafa Ghorbal, who was in charge of directing the national team against his Tunisian counterpart, changed. And please, then it is better to change the rule.

Wajih added that the change is necessary because the Algerian referee will be under constant pressure. If you make a mistake or do not consider yourself an error, it will be reactionary and controversial, so it is necessary to change to avoid any confusion about this game.

A member of the committee of arbitrators confirmed that the election of South African referee, Víctor Gómez, was a very good decision because he was one of the distinguished rulers on the continent. This does not diminish the value of Algerian referee Ghorbal because he is also one of the best governors.

He said he did not want to comment on this matter, but believed that there were no decisions against the sentence, because the AU committee of arbitrators still did not meet to make any decision against any decision. What is punishable by members of the arbitration system.

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