Sunday , April 11 2021

Warning of coffee liquor and other foods

Many foods are harmful to human health, since food affects not only abdominal fat, but also mental health, which can lead to changes in behavior.

In this context, author Asmar Gusinova reviewed in a report on the products of the Russian site "FP" that have a negative impact on human health.

Coffee grinder
Gosinova claims that the consumption of products that contain ingredients such as unsaturated fats, sugar and food dye are harmful to human health. For example, hydrogenated soybean oil and cotton oil are products that are advised to avoid their use because they weaken memory and increase the risk of heart disease. .

It is also recommended to add cow's milk or vegetable milk to coffee in the morning, and if you do not want to dispense with your favorite coffee, try adding only a small amount.

Fruit juice
A cup of natural grape juice contains 36 grams of sugar that threatens health. Although sugar in the juice is normal, the body reacts like any other sugar.

Cereal breakfast with sugar
Sweet grains contain refined carbohydrates and add sugar. Foods that contain high amounts of sugar are a real health risk.

Excessive intake of sugar can lead to obesity, which often causes other health problems such as diabetes or heart disease.

White sugar
Excessive consumption of refined white sugar causes some health problems such as obesity and caries.

Energy drinks
Energy drinks negatively affect the teeth and are dangerous to the health of the liver and cause acute development of hepatitis. Beverages are a chemical mix that contains caffeine and sugar.

Sweets and fast food
Rich in calories and may increase the risk of obesity.

Hot dog
According to the author, the hotdog sandwich is a food whose consumption is dangerous for health and it is recommended to avoid.

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