Friday , January 15 2021

What did the Ministry of Commerce of Arabia mean by "excluding tomorrow when the sun is approaching?"

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investments on Sunday raised a controversy among its followers on Twitter when it published the word "exclusion before tomorrow when the sun is approaching."

Approximately one hour after the publication of the unintelligible phrase, which contained unrelated words, the Ministry made it clear in a new tweet what it meant, warning that the defective products were ignored.

"This is not a threat to our security, unlike the hundreds of thousands of defective products we ignore."

Saudi comments range from admiration in the management of awareness campaigns to ridicule what the ministry has published.

"An unconvincing and unpopular way of attracting the public's attention is an official institution with its prestige and with it the power of the regime and interest have arisen with a second patch or other reform plan," said one of the Twitter followers of the Ministry , Abdullah Ali al-Maimouni.

And take advantage of the commercialization of the community consciousness forward ".

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