Thursday , October 28 2021

6 years of power: O RUR praises Macky •


As to respond to the opposition that traces a very dark picture of its six years of power of President Sall, the Republican Academy Network (RUR) grants a commendable remembrance of Macky.

At a press conference, the Republican Academy Network (RUR) claims a "globally very positive" report in six years of Macky Sall's presidency less than four months after the end of its contract with the Senegalese.

In terms of achievements in the field of higher education, Moussa Baldé, president of the Republican Academic Network (Rur) said: "We all know that our public university was in deep crisis, a crisis that dragged for several decades. When President Macky Sall He came to power, immediately began a national consultation that resulted in a series of recommendations that gave rise to 11 decisions. Among his decisions, there was the allocation of 300 million CFA francs over 5 years to the public universities of Senegal. It was to expand the university map of our country that was focused on the west coast, but also to improve the living conditions of Research Professors, technical staff and students. As for the expansion of the university map, the 45 Higher Institutes of Vocational Training ( ISEP) are planned throughout Senegal. There have also been the creation of three new universities: the University of Dakar, the Universi from Kaolack and the University Center of Kolda. This does not include the collection of social issues, including the reform of the notes, the problem of retirees, the increase in the capacity of public universities and the increase in grants and the reduction of food bonuses. "Prize 18/20 to President Sall.

Non-private oriented students

On this topic, the coordinator of RUR, also the general director of SODAGRI, explains that the public universities of the country could not contain all graduates per year. "And it is the head of state who was in charge of guiding students in the private sector. A measure acclaimed by everyone," he said. He adds: "For reasons of equity and social justice, the head of state has made a great effort and decided that all graduates should be oriented. It is a system that works very well because I know people who have studied at private universities and who work. There is a debt that the State owes to private institutions, but is about to become regular. "Therefore, this point should not question this beautiful and generous idea of ​​allowing all graduates of Senegal to carry out a higher study," suggested Moussa Baldé.

Karim case

On the findings of the UN Human Rights Committee, "there is no way to reopen the trial of Karim Wade," says Moussa Baldé. Before adding: "Personally, I am a little surprised that the United Nations is interested in this situation where we have a defendant who was condemned for embezzlement of billions, for a country like Senegal, when we just killed a journalist and still I do not hear about this topic. "

archive electoral

As regards the opposition's comments on the reliability of the electoral roll, Mr. Baldé said: "We voted in the legislative elections a year ago. There was no file problem. There is no problem with the electoral file in Senegal. We have a mature democracy And the elections will be organized correctly. The opposition knows that it can not attack the president's record. So, it tries to give a bad perception of our democracy, "he says.

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