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Bougane Gueye to Macky: President, tomorrow will be day!

XALIMANEWS: The leader of the movement Gueum Sa Bopp makes a brilliant analysis of the current situation in the country. In fact, Bougane Gueye Dany once again demonstrates all his devotion to participating in the development of our beloved country. This is how he has spared no words to point out everything that does not work in this country to challenge the regime in its place.

Here is a great analysis that we propose to read:

A few steps from the presidential elections of February 2019, it is safe to say that the national situation in Senegal is marked by an unprecedented crisis in all areas, especially economic, social and political.
On the economic front, this situation is marked by a permanent cash flow tension since April 2018 and a level of excess indebtedness that eventually frightened our technical and financial partners, mainly the World Bank and the IMF who fired the alarm. . Against the gravity of the situation, the western media also warned. Through a large archive the newspaper "Le Monde" titled: Macky's work sends Senegal to bankruptcy. Already last February, economists like Mamadou Lamine Diallo, although opposed to the regime, announced a deficit of 200 billion. Today, the lack of payment of domestic debt is proof of this. This difficult situation ended up putting dozens of local knee businesses, most of them losing deals for the Turks, French or Chinese.

Tell us really the level of recovery compared to the forecasts of the 2018 budget and the Senegalese will see that the figures transmitted to donors are far from reality, so "makyllés."
For this already difficult situation, we must add the high level of corruption and its generalization.
Another neck in our country; The tax and customs exemptions that cause the state of Senegal to lose about 1,000 million per year. It is time to think of a joint commission (DGID, Customs, IGE, civil society, experts, etc.) to analyze the exemptions that are granted to companies and the consequences on our economy.
To this we could also add the attribution of several contracts of mutual agreement for an amount of almost 837 million that civil society had to denounce.
Another incongruity is the Gorom-Lansar water supply project, whose management is very optical and so far nothing is leaked from the use of several hundred million that would allow drinking water even in the most remote villages in the country. What is the zero provisional shelter of the project? Approximately 400 million donors were injected and, until today, our children are still learning in difficult conditions, corroborated by the existence of 6,600 temporary refuges.
Even in the economic front, the discovery in the subsoil and in the waters of the oil and gas of Senegal was followed by a public protest on the signing of contracts for the exploitation of these resources, which is still a nebula that the State is fighting, or simply does not want clarify The scandals of the oil and gas contracts were not made since Arcelor Mittal said that the state served us with a signature agreement with the Turkish company Tosyali for the exploitation of iron mines Faleme. The manifesto of ten candidates for the candidature of the presidential elections will push the government to sign this framework agreement without a tender. It is practically in the same conditions that the company Suez received the water exploitation market at the expense of Veolia and SDE (with shareholders of the Senegalese private sector). The same scenario in the airport sector, what is the fate of the SHS company that was suddenly expelled and replaced by Turks who were served in Silver Plate to AIBD's management against all probabilities with an exclusivity clause. The Chinese who take all the road markets, including those aimed at the rehabilitation of our roads. As a result, our construction companies are dying.
However, practicability remains a Chinese helmet for our people (I think of the obstacles of the populations of Méouane, Baba Garage, Keur Samba Kane, Dinguiraye, Toubatoul, Gawane, Lambaaye etc.).
What if the government publishes the Senegal road program and the related financing?
All these agreements with non-conventional and non-preferential financing show that corruption has reached unprecedented proportions in our country.
You will agree with me that it still smells of corruption in the air. Since nothing can justify the resignation of private sector companies.
We can not ask ourselves what makes our rulers rush to sign contracts of all kinds in all our national resources within four months of the presidential elections. If it is not a mortgage in our country, it seems very similar.
On the political level, it should be noted that there has been no dialogue between majority and opposition since the introduction of citizen sponsorship, which has struck all forms of collaboration among political actors. This is far from calming the pre-election context with the suspicions created by the sponsorship. The restoration of political dialogue has become an imperative to prevent our country having problems before or after election.
At a social level, the food crisis and hunger have become a Damocles sword that the state waves on the head of our poor citizens who are dazzled or a family bag of 25,000 F every 3 months (less than 300 F per day), a hypothetical financing of DER, baits also used in search of sponsors for Benno Bokk Yaakar.
In any case, Senegal, despite its enormous potential in human and natural resources with a subsoil rich in iron, zirconium, petroleum, gas, phosphate, gold, lithium, etc … still remains among the poorest countries, the most endorsed, The most debtor, the most corrupt and their young people are always worth the death to recover a mythical elf one that they will never see.
Dakar, November 5, 2018
Bougane Gueye Dany
Leader of the citizen movement Gueum Sa Bopp

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