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CAF 2018 Awards: The trophies awarded in Dakar on January 8, the instructions for use


Do you have the syndrome on Monday morning? Orange Football Cafe He prescribed an excellent remedy that will help him to attack next week.

Just close and check with us the different events that marked the last weekend of soccer.

Between the classic of the Congolese League that placed the TP Mazembe alAS Vita Club and the great shock of Premier League, we could see the magnificent performance of the eternal Ivorian striker Didier Drogba which boosted his team at the end ofUSL, not to mention the exciting confrontations of Series A which kept all followers of Italian football suspended. Here is a brief summary of the five soccer articles that the editors have selected for you:

Linafoot (3rd J): Mazembe and Mputu Treasure will overthrow Vita Club (3-2).

In a warm atmosphere and before an impressive popular fervor in the Badiangwenas Temple, the legendary "Ravens" lair, the TP Mazembe, won the prestigious Linafoot Classic, winning Sunday against the great AS Vita Club in qualifying three goals to two, with reason for the third round of the Congolese championship (final match).

Led (1-2) 25 minutes from the end of the game by the defenders of Florent Ibenge, the men of Pamphile Mihayo sharply sparked the game to win (3-2).

The Ravens owe their respects to Prince Príncipe de Kamalondo, "Master" Rainford Kalaba, (65) and his game master Trésor Mputu, who scored the winner in 86th minute. The scorer, worker and author of constant pressure throughout the game despite his lack of playing time, the idol of Kamalondo could have scored a double without an excellent goalkeeper parade opposite the end of the game.

Luamba Ngoma (29th) and Mutombo Kazadi (65th) in the meantime gave the advantage to "Muscovites" after Lush's first goal signed Jackson Muleka (43).

This success allows the undisputed leaders of Linafoot to pursue an eighth success in so many league games and set a little more their hegemony relegating their main rival to 15 units (with 4 games less) while the 2018/2019 season is only beginning.

United States – USL: Didier Drogba drives Phoenix Rising in the final

At age 40, Didier Drogba offers us a good honor with Phoenix Rising. Côte d'Ivoire striker offered the USL West Conference final (US D2) to his team, scoring one of two goals in Sunday's win against Orange County (2-1).

Former Chelsea and his team will face Thursday at Louisville City, winner of the Eastern Conference. What if the Elephant ended his career with a definitive title?

Premier League (D11): Manchester City arrives in Southampton, the Blues keeps pace

In spite of the absence of Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City is the hole in the lead. Tie this season in the league, the citizens made a festival at the Southampton reception (11th day of the Premier League), on Sunday afternoon.

To a large extent on the Saints, the men of Josep Guardiola showed an enormous efficiency with six goals in eight shots. While Raheem Sterling had a particular hit with a double, this success allowed the Mancunians to take two steps ahead of Liverpool, which was controlled by Arsenal (1-1).

The Reds are now tied for points with Chelsea. On Sunday opposition at Crystal Palace (3-1), the Blues made the difference in the achievements of Alvaro Morata (author of a double) and Pedro.

With the weekend results, the top of the table is particularly compact, with a gap of six units between City (1st) and Arsenal (6th). You next week and the Manchester Derby!

Series A (J11): Milan, a titanic mind!

This Milan surely does not have the greatest technical qualities of Series A. On the other hand, it is equipped with an impressive rage to defeat. In short, it seems more and more like his Gennaro Gattuso.

On Sunday night, Milanese delivered a mediocre performance on the field of Udinese, although he fought just above the downhill zone, but that was enough to win with a goal by Captain Alessio Romagnoli in the 96th minute. Rejected by a non-existent match , this achievement was finally granted by the central arbiter with the help of his colleagues in charge of the video.

This is a third consecutive win for AC Milan, winner of Genoa (2-1), thanks, already, to a goal by Romagnoli in 91 and against Sampdoria (3-2) after being cleared. The seven European champions are fourth and they seem to have digested the defeat in the derby three weeks ago.

Series A (J11): Imperial against the Spal, Lazio Roma is full of confidence before Marseille

On Sunday afternoon, Lazio Roma withdrew Spal (4-1) as part of Serie A 11th. Before receiving Olympique Marseille in the Europa League (Thursday at 5:55 p.m. GMT), Simone Inzaghi's men are full of confidence >> The full summary of the meeting

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