Wednesday , January 20 2021

"Fatwa", a radicalization film by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud, awarded at the Carthage Film Festival

This very popular festival dedicated to Arab and African films has drained many Tunisians since November 3, despite an attack committed a few days ago on the main avenue in Tunisia, near many of its emblematic places.

"Fatwa" Tanit Gold, "Yomeddine", Silver Tanit

"Fatwa" by director Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud, co-produced by Dardenne brothers, follows a father who returns from France to bury his son and finds he is a member of an Islamist radical group. Ahmed Hafiane, who plays the father, receives the award for the best actor.

The Tanit of Silver received the "Yomeddine", an Egyptian road movie about the epic story of a leper boy looking for roots throughout the country and a nubian orphan accompanying him.

"Yomeddine" ("The Day of Judgment") is the first film of A.B. Shawky, 32, an Egyptian and Austrian director. He competed directly at Palma de Oro in 2018 in Cannes.

Adjudicated in the documentary category: "Amal", film censored in Egypt

The Golden Tanit of the documentary was awarded the "Amal", an Egyptian documentary censored in his country, which gives Egyptian women their place in the 2011 revolution, through the life of a militant teenager.

After an edition hosted by its organizers under the sign of "tolerance, openness and love," a crowd participated in the fence, while many police officers were deployed in the center of the city to guarantee security.

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