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Fespaco: African cinema surpassed by #MeToo

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28.02.2019 at 20:50

Inspired by the movement #MeToo, two actresses, the French Nadège Beausson-Diagne and Burkinabe Azata Soro, present in Fespaco Ouagadougou, on Thursday accused African filmmakers of sexual harassment and assault on them.

"It's time to talk. Fear should change aside," said Nadège Beausson-Diagne, popular for her roles in the "Plus belle la vie" series and the movie "Bienvenue chez les Ché" in an interview with AFP during 26th Panafrican Festival of Cinema and Television of Ouagadougou (Fespaco).

"There was #Metoo in America, #Bancancetonporc in France; in Africa, nobody has talked about it yet, but it's not because it does not exist. It's everywhere, not just against actresses, but also directors, screenwriters, technicians, who experience harassment , sexual assault, rape, "says the 46-year-old actress.

When launching the movement #Memepaspeur, he wants to "release the word of women" in Africa.

An 32-year-old actress and director, Azata Soro, says she was assaulted and disfigured in 2017 by director Tahirou Tasséré Ouedraogo of Burkina Faso during the filming of a "The Throne" series, produced by Orange Studio, in competition in Fespaco.

– & # 39; A monster & # 39; –

As a result of an incident on the set, "he attacked me with a broken bottle. She ripped off her face," she said in tears.

She said that before, he had sexually harassed for six years during several productions, asking him for "massage", insisting on sleeping with her.

In the trial of aggression with the bottle of fragmentation, Mr. Ouedraogo acknowledged the facts, apologized and sentenced to a suspended prison sentence by the court, according to a AFP journalist present at the hearing. He never paid any damages to Mrs. Soro, according to her.

"Tahirou is a monster," she says.

Attached to the telephone by AFP, Mr. Ouedraogo refused to comment.

Without wishing to give a name, Nadège Beausson-Diagne explains that she was the victim of harassment and aggression during two firings in Africa, after becoming known in a film selected in Fespaco in 2001.

In the first production, in Burkina, "the producer brought many great directors who drank me heavily." "Tell me they had the key to my hotel room. I did not sleep anymore," says the actress, sobbing sobs.

– & # 39; Talk to rebuild & # 39; –

During the filming of another film, which will be selected at the Cannes Film Festival, the director asked the make-up artist: "Make Nadège sleep with me, otherwise I will shoot."

"Before each action, he got to tell me + I love you + on the ear". "He offered me money, to settle in a house, to give me children, to take my mother. His pregnant wife was present at the set.

Then the sexual assault happened. "To go to a reception, I went to drive alone with him. At one point, he went back into a forest and began to touch me. I shouted, stopped.

"It's been a long time ago, but the pain is still there. I invite young women to speak to rebuild," explains Ms. Beausson Diagne.

"I also invite" institutions "to stop subsidizing these sex predators, who only make films to sleep with young women," he explains.

Launched at the end of 2017, the Movement for Word Release of #MeToo Women, and its #Bancancetonporc equivalent in France, splashed the worlds of cinema, fashion, media and politics, which led to the fall of many personalities.

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