Tuesday , March 9 2021

FNBS for the cleaning of the bakery sector

Dakar, April 12 (APS) – The president of the National Federation of Bakers in Senegal (FNBS), Amadou Gaye, invited the public authorities to sow the sector to avoid anarchy in the chain of bread.

"It is necessary for the State to take all necessary measures to clean the sector and organize competition among bakers to avoid anarchy in the chain of bread," he said during a press conference.

"We organize consultations to see how to apply the provisions of the laws and decrees governing the bakery to clean the sector," he said.

For Amadou Gaye, "these important measures must reflect the result of an arbitration between profitability, legislative restrictions, public service, jobs that would be preserved and aggravated competition in an unfavorable context."

Speaking of the current crisis in the sector, he said "mills have increased the price of flour from 16200 to 18500 FCFA".

& # 39; & # 39; The prices vary between 18200 and 18500 FCF in Dakar, considering factors such as transportation, handling and the margin of the dealer for those who do not have an account at the level of the millers & # 39; "He explained, adding that at the level of the regions, prices can reach more than 19,000 FCFA.

"They can set their prices for their expenses, then why not bakers can not?" Asked

For him, the argument of the authorities that the mills are in their right because of the approval is not a debate because they are manufacturers and partners of bakers who have their price structure. .

In a certification system, if prices move, the minimum is a price revision, but the current record for 2014, never revised, is out of date and unfounded, "he said.

The FNBS does not rule out that it will strike in the next days for three days unless the State adopts an interministerial decree to eliminate the intermediary and that the problem of the application and the applicability will be provided to the disposition ".

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