Thursday , July 29 2021

"If Karim decides to return …"

President Macky Sall was the guest of France 24 on Monday. Karim Wade and Khalifa Sall were on the interview menu, among other topics. Fragments

"I did not talk about amnesty, he did not try, this debate does not take place at my level, but I can not rule out, as a Senegalese leader, as president of the Republic, in cthe new circumstances of re-election, if it is the will of the Senegalese, to undertake a new phase in the national reconstruction. With a spirit of national renewal, national consensus. Because you should know how to convert pages too.

Karim Wade
"The law is clear, he was sentenced to six years in prison with fines, he was granted a pardon for detention and pecuniary sanctions must be body If he decides to return, it is his right. We can not stop it. It is free, it is Senegalese. The rest is a matter of law, which will be applied, of course. "

Khalifa Sall
"(He) never denied the facts for which he was sentenced, said he was" practical ", but that is not a legal answer, I have always forgot to speak Judicial records, but now that theThe hose is judged, I think no one was voluntarily eliminated.

Seydi Gassama and Amnesty
"First and foremost, Amnesty International wants to review the status of its representatives at home and in respect of Amnesty, as well as all NGOs that are fighting for human rights." But when the representatives of these organizations walk with the opposition, they will vote, when it comes to a referendum, in the field of opposition and against power, their opinions have no interest in my eyes.

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