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JCC 2018: Synopsis and trailers of the 13 long films in official competition

For the 2018 edition of the JCC, 13 films from 9 countries will try to win the "Golden Tanit for Best Feature Film 2018". Tunisia participates with three feature films, Morocco and Kenya are participating in two feature films, while the rest are Arab and African film works.

We invite you to discover in the following the Synopsis and Trailers of the Longs – main threads that participate in the official competition of JCC 2018.

film "At the mercy of the jungle" (Rwanda) by Joel Karekezi : In the jungle of "Kivu" in the Congo, Sergeant Xavier, the hero of the war, the Rwandese and the Faustin soldier, who have no experience, are in the enemy territory. Xavier and Faustin lose all the members of the battalion and remain alone without provisions, in the most dangerous Congolese jungle in the world.

Film "Laaziza" (Morocco) by Mohsen Basri : The presence of the mother stands out again in the work of the biography of director Mohcine Besri, producer of "The Mohawks", the film that won more than one prize, including the Naguib Mahfouz Award for the Best Arab movie at the Cairo International Film Festival.

Movie "MAKI & # 39; LA" (Democratic Republic of the Congo) by Ekwa Bahango: A 19-year-old girl who has lived on the street since the age of 13, married to Mbingazor, a young albino who started her on the street: drugs, prostitution, robbery … but soon her relationship based on exploitation and violence They torment MAKI & # 39; LA who feels trapped. Decided to leave Mbingazor.

Movie "RAFIKI" (Kenya) by Wanuri Kahiu: elected to participate in the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, in the '& # 39; & # 39; a certain aspect ", which leads to a collaboration between the countries of the South (a co-production between Kenya and South Africa). "RAFIKI" banned his projection in Kenya (only one week with a judicial authorization to be able to compete in Oscar nominations) treats sex in a Kenyan conservative society. This film is inspired by the novel "Tree Jambula" by the Ugandan writer Monica Arac.

"Mira-me-me" movie by Nejib Belkadhi (Tunisia): Lotfi, who lives in Marseille, has to return to Tunisia to take care of her autistic child. This is the story of a man who has lost connections and seeks to restore them in a social and human romance.

Movie "Wind Divine" (Algeria) by Merzak Allouache: a black and white film that explores the problematic psychology of Amine, a taciturn man who lives in a small Saharan village where he spends most of his time reading the Quran and prays before meeting Nour. new jihadist

Award-winning movie "SOFIA" (Morocco) by Meryem Ben M & # 39; barek: Sofia, 20, lives with her parents in Casablanca. After a denial of pregnancy, she is giving birth a baby out of wedlock illegally. The hospital leaves 24 to provide the father's child's roles before warning the authorities …

"SUPA MODO" (Kenya), film by Likarion Wainaina: The film tells the story of a young terminal illness that lived the rest of her short life as a superhero thanks to her family and her village.

Movie "My dear child" Mohamed ben Attia: The director of the award-winning movie "First Work" of "Berlin 2016" for the movie "Hedi, a wind of freedom" chose to address religious extremism and the suffering of parents after the discontent and loss of the child's symbol of the future ever.

"Yara" (Iraq) film by Abbas Fadhel: Yara lives only with his grandmother in an isolated valley, the majority of whose inhabitants died or emigrated abroad. One day, Yara meets a young stranger.

Movie "YOMEDDINE" (Egypt) by Abu Bakr Shawky: A leper, an orphan nub and his donkey leave the borders of the colony leporina for the first time and travel to Egypt in search of their homes, their families and their acceptance on their part.

"Fatwa" (Tunisia) film by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud: The film deals with religious extremism in Tunisia. "Fatwa", Brahim Nadhour, a Tunisian who lives in France, returns to Tunisia to bury his son who died in a motorcycle accident. Find out that Marwan was working on a radical Islamist group. Brahim decides to carry out his research to understand the reasons for his radicalization and to identify the people who indoctrinated him.

"The Unfinished Journey" (Syria) movie by Joud Said: Baha prepares to leave the city of Aleppo, the war city, to return to his hometown, with other travelers, strangers to each other. They must stop because of the ongoing fighting. They will try to recover a destroyed village again waiting for the end of the war. Will it end one day?


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