Sunday , July 25 2021

Sales / Originel: Zoumarou deposed •

Oumar Waly Zoumarou is no longer the national secretary general of Sels / Originel. According to The Ace, who gives the news, he was fired by his colleagues for misappropriation and mismanagement. "Zoumarou made serious management failures that, according to the texts, the by-laws and internal regulations, deserve an exclusion and, at worst, a residence at the head of the union," said Amadou Bamba Ndiaye, who spoke on behalf of the Council Commission Administrator of Sels / Original. He adds: "Oumar Waly Zoumarou perpetrated a financial carnage never seen in the history of a union organization confusing his pocket with the union fund." Zoumarou will not only be dismissed but will be prosecuted for lack of management. Asked about the issue, Zoumarou is minimized and considers dismissal is void. According to myself, only one congress can be dismissed.

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