Friday , June 18 2021

The error of Kanye West that should not please Kim Kardashian –

Kanye West made a big mistake in Instagram posting a sexy photo of Kim Kardashian …

We hear the screams and the sound of broken dishes in here Kanye West e Kim Kardashian. The rapper published a message in his Twitter account that surely did not please his wife and we understood.

An invalid screen capture

Kanye West is going through a complicated period. After deciding to cut the bridges with Donald Trump, he was shot down by … Burger King. The rapper seems to have found another inspiration for religion.

Needless to say, you no longer have many friends in the entertainment world, many have made their back lately. But he still has a little difficulty in ignoring his natural tendency to pass. On Tuesday, Kanye West tried to publish a religious message on Twitter. But he did it by making a screenshot of the photos on his smartphone.

Little problem, there was also an image of Kim Kardashian in stripping. An image that is of course very pixelated but impossible not to recognize it. Kanye West quickly repressed his message after realizing his mistake but it was too late. o Daily mail and people have already taken screenshots …

The mistake of Kanye West should not please Kim KardashianThe mistake of Kanye West should not please Kim Kardashian

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