Tuesday , June 22 2021

The young French dancer revealed in guest of Instagram in Ellen DeGeneres

From the streets of Paris to the set of "The EllenShow", the very popular program by Ellen DeGeneres, there is only one step away. This may not be true for everyone, but for the dancer Salif Lasourcethis is the case.

Viewed on Instagram, he released a video of him performing a dance show inspired by Michael Jackson. Opposite cafe terraces of Beaubourg, Salif Gueye, also known as Sali Lasource, played a seafront promenade side by side. In fact, the cumulative video 4 million visits to the social network. And the dancer of Beaubourg now has 1.3 million subscribers.

A success story becomes viral

Its famous seaside promenade, transmitted by American stars, Dwayne Johnson to the basketball player LeBron James, so the doors of the American media opened. Guest in the program of the series Ellen DeGeneres, took the opportunity to redo the dance steps of this video. Impressed, the server did not stop expressing his astonishment: "
People were not impressed in Paris?

In Instagram, the 22-year-old dancer has already published a thank-you message for Ellen DeGeneres: "
I can not believe what happens to me, as I said, it is my dream
this is just the beginning
He added. For now, Salif is, apparently, courted by producers for shows in the United States.

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