Thursday , July 29 2021

Tomorrow – Banco BMCE dedicated "African Bank of the Year 2018"

New consecration for BMCE Bank of Africa. The group won the "African Bank of the Year 2018" award of the Media and Valuation Agency of the League of Leaders at the African Forum and Forums of Adventure (AIFA), held on August 8 in Paris in November. The prize rewards the African bank with the most outstanding positioning of the continent. BMCE Bank of Africa is the most internationally oriented Moroccan banking group, with presence in some 30 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia, which have more than 15,000 employees worldwide, with a network of 1,650 points in the service of more than 6 million clients, "the bank argues. This new consecration places BMCE Bank as a" universal bank, which pursues its strategy of national and international growth, and more specifically through its operations in Africa, under the umbrella of the Bank Of Africa group , in Europe, through BMCE. International Holding, which brings together the two European subsidiaries with headquarters in London and Madrid, BMCE EuroServices, but also through a larger representation in Asia, in particular in China by the BMCE Shanghai subsidiary, North America and the UAE.
The group presents new guidelines and presents "innovative" offers, tailored to the needs of each client category, capitalizing on its business lines. "BMCE Bank of Africa is presenting its presence in all its present markets developing new niches, such as the Digital Bank, the Participatory Bank and green businesses," said the banking group.

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