Sunday , June 13 2021

ANA KORAÍ EXPERIENCE THE OSCO SECRET OF BORE SANTANA, THIS SHOULD NOT BE: We went together to the club and then the only one OVO! (VIDEO) | Stars

Ana Korac, just entering the rivals again, began to reveal the secrets of cooperatives that he would not like.

She convinced her to leave with her ex-roommates when they left, and then gave the details that bothered her.

"Once I booked a table in the club and arrived at Djekson, Filip, Marija Ana, Bor … And finally, they had to pay the bill, they thought that nobody would pay them, and did not have to pay for everything. At that moment, someone He calls the Bar and goes out and comes back and must start immediately and he is dealing with someone of security, "said Koraceva and Miki came out:

"They are all bloodbaths, nobody has a knife, and all go out just to be photographed by journalists. He just did it to go home."

photo: Damir Dervišagić, Photo: Ana Paunkovic


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