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Bill Gates says: These 10 technologies will change the world in 2019

Technology is moving at an accelerated rate, and its additional development is expected to help solve major human problems, such as finding drugs for various diseases, fighting climate change and the like. Revolutionary technologies and changes that could affect the welfare of our planet could be expected this year, according to Bill Gates.

Source:, cnet

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

The founder of Microsoft identified ten technologies that could change the world in 2019 for MIT Technology Review.

These are technologies of great importance to the world, but that are not as well known to the public as some of the others we serve daily.

According to Bill Gates, these are the ten technologies that should improve our lives in 2019:

  • Improve the skills of robots that will be able to manipulate and manipulate with unknown things;
  • "New wave" of nuclear energy: the design of fusion and fission reactors that will allow the reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide;
  • Blood tests that warn about the premature birth of a baby;
  • A pill or device that can swallow so as to perform a biopsy and examine the digestive tract;
  • Cancer vaccines adopted – will help the immune system fight tumor cells;
  • Meat of laboratories as an alternative to meat that will reduce the harmful emissions of the food industry;
  • Technique for the absorption of carbon dioxide from the air and its "blockage";
  • ECG devices in the pulses: the ability of intelligent clocks to control the heart rate and the early warning of the problems;
  • Sanitation without sewer – a frying pan that will help fight illness and bad living conditions;
  • Voice assistants based on artificial intelligence that "will speak naturally" with people.

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