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I stopped smoking and did not blame me to say how

I am sure that the ears are full of the fact that smoking is not healthy, damaging both you and the people in your area, it is clear that the only product that tells you it is kills And people still buy it and I will not say why you should stop smoking. However, for those who like to leave, but resign before trying – I think I broke a good recipe. Because, after 15 years with a cigar on my lips in good and bad, I think I get rid of the "dry."

I had never tried before, in any way this idea would always be suppressed in the statement that it was "better smoke than rubbing the nerves." Of course, I did not smoke only when the nerves became more flexible: smoking rituals tied up at all times when everything was potamine, when it's hard for me, when it's good, when I'm hungry and when I'm sitting, when I'm excited, When it's boring, when I have to concentrate, when I have to relax … Literally for everyone. On the other hand, I thought there is no such tension that can be measured with the situation when I'm out of the tobacco and not near the traffic light; or when it takes five hours to spend at an airport that does not have a smoking zone …

I did not rule out the list of the "by" and "against" motives that advised the therapists, I was aware that I was very miserable as an addict and that many people, who were passionate about smokers, saw how they quit at the moment they told them bad news So you can, and it also means: I will not wait for that moment.

And then I decided to burn the plague and left a little to make a plan. It was clear that they would be tense: they say that the dependence of cigarettes is almost the same as the addiction to heroin, it is inevitable that you fatten and talk about smokers as patients. I was frustrated, but I received the necessary information about "tricks" that could facilitate this process. You say you need to drink so much water between meals, since you should pamper yourself with vitamin C and vitamin B, shower every time, because they come with poisons or, before you sleep, they avoid alcohol, spicy, sweet and the same way. I took all the tactics devised, and in case it fails – plan B are medications that I have heard are quite effective.

The first was a test day. In the morning I bought a bag of sunflower seeds in the shell, which I usually would not like, but something seemed to help me in crisis situations. Unfortunately, they turned out to be a completely unacceptable solution when my hands began to shake, then I dropped the glass, so I felt on the floor for a while and cried like the rain. They did not help me especially when I caught the woman who pushed me on the bus and almost made an incident. They were so useless that I left them in the kitchen in a moment, but then I returned a half hour one by one to the back of my sack, calming the nerves.

I continued to see that I have these unfortunate seeds in the bag, but in the following days I have been able to develop my technique "how to fuck smokers": your body, accustomed to regular and voluminous nicotine doses and your mind, which is even more problematic . The point is that I will try to prevent all situations that my cigar refers to. What initially demanded drastic changes in my everyday habits.

For example, he avoided the first cigar in the morning with coffee replacing some coffee with a horrible tea, whose flavor would not improve the cigar. Otherwise, I do not like to burn as soon as I washed my teeth, so I used it when I was at home. I wash my teeth whenever I think of plague. Or I play under the bathroom until I'm running out all the water heater. After a meal, I get so much water to become sick. It's not nice, but it works, the bar to start.

And I do not care if I act as a total lunatic, while I blame myself with all kinds of obligations and real and completely irrelevant actions that can take my attention for some time and dispose of it – to go to the store just to buy sour candies, Through daily cleaning with several creams, just yoga in an attempt, combining glasses in colors and shapes, going to the gym for exercises that I spent beyond the time and what are the calories, playing stupid games on the phone, I began to cook and started doing makeup Occasionally to work, so when I get up early …

Every day I drink vitamins and, since I found out about the concentration problem, I started drinking ginkgo in the capsules. I do not know if it really works or I just try to do it, it's completely nonexistent. In this case, I think the objective justifies the means, and I am sufficiently worried because he has not attributed anything to me to be so brutally confused. Otherwise, he was very busy at work, because these breaks are the best moments of a working day. I do not miss it, but instead of cigarettes in my mouth I have a candy or a lollipop, and it's not a shame for me to keep an unforgettable cigar.

Yes, another important moment in my case was to announce to everyone else in the middle of smoking. In the first place, you will have more understanding of my crises, emotional explosions and all the insane lunatics. Secondly, if, nevertheless, I will give up, it will be a public failure and, knowing myself, I will do everything possible to avoid this. In addition, in this type of company, it is a kind of side support, no matter what you are in that fight with you.

However, in the first place, it means the changes you notice about yourself.

Only two days after the last cigar I stopped coughing in the morning and people began to notice that it was no longer "pale". After a week, I began to feel what things smothered with tobacco smoke and how bad it was, I stopped giving myself so fast and began to feel more powerful to feel flavors and aromas. It's not insignificant that two weeks later I realized that this whole campaign was paying enough, for the first time I would not expect the end of the month to be fully decrypted.

However, despite all this, I continue to try every day to sit down and crush half of hell in a bowl. Fortunately, physical dependence seems to be dealt with quickly, and now, when the owner up and down, it slows my head and makes me sick, the head hurts and hurts my lungs and sweats and takes my heart back and forth to the "regime."

And today, 20 days after a great decision and only on the National Day without tobacco smoke, I expected to wake up and that my cigar was not the first thought. I hope this is the first sign of the victory of psychic dependence.

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