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MIKI MAUS started: World Media in the amazing triumph of the stars. | Football

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November 7, 2018 18:11 |

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What would be football without that night – ask journalist Nick Ames. For the soccer soul it is worth fighting – say "ESPN"

At the press conference at the Rajko Mitic Stadium, a British journalist, Telegraph, began reporting in the first half of the game with the stars of Liverpool and Liverpool. It's not innocent to consult colleagues in laptops, but it's hard to look when the text begins like this: "Andy Robertson warned that the second red and white beast is at home. Try to imagine Miki Maus becoming Godzilla."

In the battle of the characters of Disney of the East and Monsters of the West, the American ESPN wrote extensively, but not by the characteristic humor of the isolated press ("The Daily Mail" was sufficient for the open mouth of Robertson after the goal of Pavkov). Journalist Nick Ames seriously addressed a completely different topic with a dozen of breasts:

– What would soccer be tonight?

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"EKIP": unknown FRANCE "Ekip", which launched the story of dishonest actions at the visit of the Serbian representative to Paris, says Milojević's team was surprised.
– The Red Star got what no-one imagined and is now involved in the race to go further. The Italian "Gazeta delo sport" says that the victory in Belgrade was celebrated in 1991 when the Red Star of Bari became the champion of Europe.

Romantic history begins with this question and, in the sequel, the author treated Star's memory of losing football forming a league in which only the strongest European clubs would compete.

– The Red Star has not achieved such a significant victory since winning the Champions Cup in 1991, and the calendar could not be better. On Sunday, which revealed details about the giant's plans to build the Super League, the Serbian champion offered an exciting and wild demonstration of all that soccer as a sport could lose in that case. Rich people who want to make a closed store for the elite may have to take a look at Star's victory, with an improved tone for the board. This meeting has forced everyone to recover vital and urgent matters: it is worth fighting for a soccer soul – says ESPN.

That soccer is a game for the soul of the fans, he reminded the British "Daily Mail", the title "FAN-TASTIK."

– The double shooter went up to a position that is known to make a tense atmosphere, and fanatics sang Pavkov. The star was ruthless and charming, and Jirgen Klop extended most of his sword like a crow. A recognizable smile replaced the wrath and that manic laugh after the second goal.

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For the second tabloid "San", the game of the stars was nothing special and the fans kept the "idiot reputation of rioting" … "Sky Sports" said the host was "inflated" by the hook of the posts and the " echo of Liverpool "that the" weird "was frozen in a bright Belgrade, where reds and whites had more hearts, desires and passions.

A British noted that nothing has changed since "Marakana" since 1973, except for the introduction of the internet. She is right, the star win again at Liverpool.


– The Red Star recovered the fame of its best days. This Zvezda is a modest club with a pedigree that has the right to measure with the rich in the first round of qualifications. The eve of the little "Marakana" lives again.

– The star broke out the death group. Group C Cinderella became an unexpected soldier.

– The star is the nightmare of Liverpool. It is a surprise that in Serbia there is a stadium called the small "Marakana", and it is almost utopian that an inferior team will surpass the European champion. Like a Serbian fairy tale, or just a soccer magic.
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