Tuesday , July 27 2021

Republic / Fallen by a cat, he died of rage


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The Institute of Public Health of England (PHE) issued a warning to those who travel to avoid contact with animals during their stay in the countries they are facing. PHE has not published more details about the death of the British.

The breach was not found in wild and domestic animals in Britain, but five British infected between 2000 and 2017, after "exposure to animals abroad," writes Bi-Bi-Si.

The latest rage case in the UK was registered in 2012, when a British bit a dog in Southeast Asia.

(VIDEO) Hero defends the dog passerby and OSTAO BEZ TESTISA!

Fear is a viral infection that affects the brain and the central nervous system, and is transmitted by bite or scratches caused by an infected animal and is common in Asia and Africa.

In the UK, virus-like viruses carry certain types of bats.

So far, no case has been reported to transmit the virus from one human to another.

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