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Superclassic in Madrid, Rio fined $ 400,000


OFFICIAL: Superclassic in Madrid, Rio punished with $ 400,000

Announced – officially! The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid will host the final match of the Copa Libertadores, decided after a single day at the CONMEBOL headquarters. The meeting will be present at the program on Sunday, December 9, starting at 8:30 p.m.

In this way, definitively one of the biggest sagas was completed that shook football in the last seven days. After unprecedented incidents on the streets of Buenos Aires, before the invisible revolution in the Monumental, it was decided that Real Madrid Madrid would be a meeting point that will definitively decide the subject of the South American champion.

The first man of CONMEBOL Alehandro Domingez He found that after many deliberations and debates among the leaders of the main soccer organization in South America, Madrid was chosen for several reasons: linguistic proximity, the number of Argentines living in the Spanish capital and frequent flights from one country to another.
"Madrid meets all the conditions we need. Madrid is the tenth most secure city in the world and offers the highest number of flights in Spain, he said Domingez after making a decision and revealing:
"I called my friend Florentino Pérez and gave him the idea of ​​playing the game in Santiago Bernabéu. Immediately he said that the stadium doors were always open to us".

However Domingez It claims that the essence of the Superclassics itself is not lost, which is certain is that River will lose the edge of the court. According to the information not yet confirmed, Boka and River will receive the same number of tickets for the second game, which means practically that the encounter will not have the unique atmosphere of the known collisions of these clubs. That is, due to problems with hooligans, Rivera and Boca games are played without the presence of fanatics of the rival club and, therefore, give the guest players an unbeatable sense of hostile atmosphere.

As it was decided, River Plate will be fined $ 400,000 due to poor organization of the first game and the Monumental Stadium will be locked in the next two matches in the Copa Libertadores. In addition, the largest CONMEBOL rejected the Boca Juniors appeal in which the club requested the reimbursement of the game so that it would not be played.

Thus, the game will be played at a distance of more than 10,000 kilometers from Buenos Aires …

Photo: Reuters

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