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The girl has SE * S with PS, it takes 36 seconds, EVERYTHING IS SEEN!


02/28/2019. 17:37

A 16-year-old girl from a city in Serbia had a dog with her dog and published it on an instagram profile.


Can, Photo: Shutterstock

The scandalous video of this social network appeared on Tuesday, but it is eliminated very quickly.

In a shocking 36-second video, you can see how a dog, judging by a pet, approaches a girl with her back and then has a relationship with her.

During this time, you are recording everything, adjusting the camera so that your face is clearly visible and, subsequently, in a position where penetration is explicitly displayed.

Representatives of the Leviathan movement, after confirming the authenticity of the footage, filed a criminal complaint against the girl's clothes for animal abuse. However, according to the experts, the minors of the recording need serious treatment and not a prison sentence of up to one year, which the law provides in this work.

Immediately to the doctor

Director of the Levijatan Pavle Bihali movement says that the girl's identity was established with certainty, and then her organization filed a criminal complaint against her for dog abuse.

Experts say zoophilia, which can be seen in the footage, can be a serious sexual disorder. The psychiatrist Jovan Marić believes that in the case of this girl, we must respond urgently.

Dog Puppy Dog plays a sleeve bite

Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock

– I think the girl got rid of this recording because she wanted to take "five minutes of fame", but she did it in the most shocking way possible. Adolescents compete and think of a mountain and a weird thing, all to collect such tastes. However, if it is really zoofilia, treatment is very complicated and we begin to analyze the relationship with the parents of the opposite sex, because this is a common cause for such deviant behavior. In any case, this girl needs help from a psychiatrist, because nothing can be done through a rigid application and send her to prison, "says Maric, adding that sex with animals is a very dangerous phenomenon:

– In addition to the psychological aspect, it is problematic both hygienic and disciplinary, since sex with animals is the cause of many infectious diseases.

Dangerous requirement

The psychotherapist Zoran Milivojević says that young people who did not have their sexual experience sometimes go back to the idea of ​​experimenting with animals.

– In most cases they hide, they do not want to get rid of this impulse, so they do not come to the treatment, but after a while they get older. That's why it's so strange that this girl posted a video. If I were his father, he would immediately send a psychiatrist to determine if he had psychological problems – Milivojevic is clear.

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