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The war between Johnny Stulić and Rade Šerbedžija: He's lying, we've never been friends!

Actor actor Rade Serbedzija, responding to Johnny Stulic's statement that he had never been friends with him and that he did not become a member, nor did he use his songs without consent, told N1 he always felt "good and sincere friendship" to Stulic. It was only on his side.

And these, as in previous years, are known actors Rade Servitude, will perform with his orchestra "Western Station", on the eve of the New Year in Belgrade. The Belgrade concert will be held on December 26 at the Kombank Hall. Then there are concerts in Nis and Čačak.

At the press conference, Sherbedzija explained that tour with the name of the famous song of Branimir Štulić "I do not like the soul of you", which announced, Štulić has done for his performance "Croatian Celebration" since 1989.

"Now, with the title of this show, I send a message as an old friend"said Sherbedzija at a press conference.

Responding after a press conference, Branimir Štulić said he had never been a friend of Šerbedžija, who never socialized, and that the song "My soul does not grow from you" has not done for the performance of Rade Šerbedžija, and has used it without his consent.

– This story of Sherbedzija is lying down. Johnny never called him to take a tour of Zagreb, he did not make a song, nor was he a friend, the other way round, since, after his desire, he went to Mercedes to silence him, however, he used an invitation to get rid of of this song in a simpler way and insert it into your game without a doubt, of course, to hide it, and topple it and now justify these illusory lies just for the reason of its evil existence. – Among other things, Stulic wrote and pointed out:

– I have never been friends with him, and I never called it in my life (he is, of course, probably the best description of his book), therefore knowing very well that he would never get permission to use this work, as usual, He simply invented the whole story, in addition to blurring even more, he fired and now, in addition to the many years of execution (and other songs too), he has already scourged the name of alienated and profane songs are working (on which he does the race of a true singer).

On the occasion of the statement of a famous musician, N1 asked Sherbedzija to comment. That's what he said in a conversation with a journalist:

– If Johnny said we did not leave, we did not leave. And he says that he never gave me the song "I'm not happy with you" by the work "Celebration Croatian" by Borislav Vujcic, who directed in the spring of 1990 at the Theater of Drama of Gavela in Zagreb, then he never gave me his poem. . And my performance did not start with "My soul does not grow out of you". If you say we did not walk for the Ilić of Zagreb or that it was not on my son's birthday, it was not on my son's birthday and we never walked with Ilić's cry. And if he says he never called me in his concert in Dubrovnik, then he never sat on an airplane and fled to his show. And if he says that he never, Mile Rupčić and I saw drinking red wine and singing "Jano mori, Jano mori, Jano dušo", then we do not sing songs and black wine never ate together, if he says it – said the actor.

– And I say: Since I met Johnny I loved his songs, all the time I felt a pleasant and sincere friendship with him. Sorry if that was just on my side. I still love their songs, because they can only love – added Sherbedzija.

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