Wednesday , October 20 2021

Toyota recorded an increase in profits due to better sales and cutting costs


The Japanese manufacturer Toyota Motor Corp said today it had a 28 percent increase in profits in the last quarter due to the largest sales in Europe, Asia and two Americas.

With data from July to September, Toyota increased profits planned throughout the year, reports Beta, according to the Associated Press.

The largest Japanese car maker said it had a profit of 585,100 million yen (5,200 million dollars) in the third quarter, less than 458,300 million yen a year ago.

Sales increased two percent to 7.3 trillion yen ($ 64,700 million).

Toyota expects 2.3 billion yen ($ 20 billion) in the fiscal year of March, while previously providing 2,100 billion yen ($ 19,000 million).

That is a fall of almost eight percent with about 2.5 billion yen, which was sold in the previous fiscal year.

Sales of Toyota vehicles fell in the US. UU. And Japan, but improved in Europe, the rest of Asia and Central and South America.

The cost reduction and marketing helped in the last quarter, while profits were negatively affected by an unfavorable rate, said Toyota.

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