Tuesday , July 27 2021

12 facts about Singapore Fintech Festival 2018

The third edition of Singapore's Fintech Festival will begin on Monday. This year's event will be promising to be the world's largest fintech event to date.

1. About 40,000 participants

The Singapore Fintech Festival this year will feature more than 250 speakers, 450 exhibitors, 16 international pavilions and some 40,000 participants.

2. Three-day conference

Performed at the Singapore Exposition, the Festival will begin with the three-day conference of fintech (12-14 November). Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India and Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, will address the public on the third day.

3. Nine key themes

The Conference will focus on nine key topics in 70 sessions, including AI in finance; Opportunities of ASEAN fintech; cybernetic security, technology and development; financial inclusion; future of the bank; future of money; top of global investments; insurtech and market infrastructure.

4. New area for ASEAN Startups

Visitors and trade delegates can also learn more about fintech in ASEAN, in the new area dedicated especially to ASEAN startups. There will also be free guided tours to the daily area.

5. Global Investment Summit

The Global Investment Summit (November 13-14) is especially cured for investment and business communities. The best startups and growth companies of the next ASEAN generation will appear in all sectors, both at the top and abroad. Attendees can expect deep diving sessions in India, China, and ASEAN that cover key issues such as investment captation strategies and investing for impact.

6. Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Finance Summit (13-14 November) will debut at the fintech conference this year with the theme "AI in Finance Driving Global Progress". The issues to be discussed include cloud computing and quantum, AI investment, ethical and responsible AI and predictions for a future oriented to AI.

7. Fintech Hackcelerator Demo Day

Global FinTech's Global Day of Democracy Hackcelerator (November 12) will show 20 fintech solutions ready for the market of 304 shipments destined to solve real-life industry problems in four categories, including financial inclusion, insurtech, regtech and suptech and in general.

8. Fintech Awards

FinTech Awards (12-14 November) will recognize innovative fintech solutions that have been implemented by fintechs, financial institutions and technology companies.

9. Exploration of the innovation laboratory

The Innovation Lab Crawl (November 15-16) presents 30 innovation laboratories in Singapore that will be open for visits. Those interested can register here.


Together with the ASEAN Singapore presidency, this year's festival features a strong ASEAN theme. The reason Motivated with ASEAN, specially entrusted, sutures the national flowers of the ten ASEAN countries.

11. Platform of Global Knowledge

«The Fintech Festival in Singapore is now a global platform for knowledge. This year, it has expanded to attract a diverse multitude of international regulators, political leaders, industry leaders and academics of the end and beyond " Sleeping MohantyChief Fintech Officer, MAS, said.

12. Lunch area throughout the day

"We have fabricated in unique elements of the region in various aspects of the design of the event, from the general design of our stages and halls to a culinary theme exclusively inspired by ASEAN presented by award-winning chefs in our gastronomic area throughout the day." Aloysius Arlando, Chief Executive Officer of SingEx, said.

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