Saturday , April 17 2021

Annaliese Battista, CEO of Gold Coast

I chose with Annaliese Battista, the newly appointed CEO of Destination Gold Coast to discuss the latest developments.

What do you like about your new role as CEO of Destination Gold Coast?

It is a privilege to take care of the marketing of a modern city that has great growth potential and an equally affectionate entrepreneurial spirit. They are the two key components to be ahead of the curve, and that's why I mean they are a flexible and adaptive destination.

Tourism is becoming increasingly competitive both nationally and internationally, so it is my job to provide a clear vision and strategy to deliver the return on investment with the main stakeholders.

Fortunately, it is a job in paradise and tourism, supporting approximately 42,000 jobs, almost every part of the Gold Coast is far away from tourism in a certain way. Creating a sustainable and lively city with a strong economy is something that I want to contribute to and help build.

What makes Gold Coast one of the best destinations in the world for leisure and events?

Gold Coast offers the best of everything Australia has to offer: great weather, great attractions, eco-experiences, shopping and meals, and much more; Together with the infrastructure and world class locations, Gold Coast can cater to all markets.

Equally important, the destination is undeniably friendly and the unique resin lifestyle with travelers, those who come to visit family and friends and with business events.

As our global reputation as a destination continues to rise, so does our unquestionable appeal. Gold Coast is one of the most important tourist destinations in Australia and we continue to exceed the weight to attract major events and important business events around the world.

In the last exercise, interest in the city has reached a high historical point with the team that has obtained a record of 158 national and international business events. The combined result of international and national events will contribute to an estimated economic impact of more than $ 106 million for the city.

The city and its interest groups are committed to the renewal of the Gold Coast attractions to repeat the visit and never rest on the laurels because the responsibility of Gold Coast is to become the most recommended destination in Australia. And for that we do not apologize.

What new and interesting plans are you working on your team and your team?

We are making changes in our way of operating as an organization to support a more robust approach to our way of getting involved with everything from opportunities to innovation.

The team works collaboratively with government and tourist agencies to grow our share of the tourism cake and includes investment attractiveness, growing aviation capacity, search for information and marketing activity to ensure that Gold Coast stays in mind .

Currently, we are working with industry colleagues to finalize an important family campaign that will be released in February 2019 in the southern markets.

What advice would you give to travel agents and event organizers when they sell Gold Coast as a destination?

Gold Coast is a dynamic city, always changing and there is something new, improved or added continuously. My advice as a new relative to the Gold Coast would be to change and rediscover the city's new narrative. A quick search will reveal new features and offer a different perspective.

I would like to challenge anyone who has not visited Gold Coast for the past five years to rediscover a more sophisticated definition of destiny.

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